Curriculum Vitae


Courses (selected)

African-American Women Writers (introductory undergaduate seminar)

African-American Film: 1967 – Present (intermediate undergraduate lecture)

Black Women in Print and on Screen (upper level undergraduate seminar)

Exquisite Corpses: A Narratatological Study of Death (upper level undergraduate seminar)

Introduction to African-American Literature (introductory undergraduate lecture)

Introduction to Black Studies (introductory undergraduate lecture)

Literature and Race Criticism (intermediate undergraduate seminar)

Race and Documentary Film (upper level undergraduate seminar)

Representation and Visual Culture (first year undergraduate seminar)

Toni Morrison and Self-Fashioning (upper level undergraduate seminar)

Undergraduate Senior Thesis/Comprehensive Projects Directed

Reilly Torres. “Death-Worlds and Literary Form: Capturing Black Death in Jesmyn Ward’s Novels.” Black Studies Senior Comps. Occidental College. Spring 2019.  

Reilly Torres. “Blues Texts as Narratives of Identity during the Great Migration.” American Studies Senior Comps. Occidental College. Fall 2018. 

Hannah Feeney. “Women’s Bodies as Metaphors for Ireland in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney and Paul Muldoon.” English Senior Thesis. Connecticut College. AY 2015–16. 

Abbye Woodward. “We’ll Eat You Up, We Love You So: The Narrative Implications of Bodily Transformation in the Picturebook.” English Senior Thesis. Connecticut College. AY 2014–15.

Kolton Harris. “Flying in Place: Black Superheroes and Their Origin Stories.” English Senior Thesis. Connecticut College. AY 2013–14.

Christina Fogarasi. ““The Murderer’s Threat to the Indigenous Human Temporal Order: Temporality’s Chaotic Death and its Uncanny Afterlife.” English Independent Study. Connecticut College. Fall 2012.

Andrew W. Davis. “Constructing Identity: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Nella Larsen’s Quicksandand Passing.” English Senior Thesis. Connecticut College. AY 2005–06.