Curriculum Vitae

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Invited Talks and Consultations

“Framing Black Performance: Looking Back, Looking Forward.” Center for 21st Century Studies. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. 28 February 2020.

“Black Humanity, Visible Violence, and Liberation Aesthetics.” African & African American Studies 50th Anniversary Lecture Series. Duke University. 14 October 2019.

Five Hundred Years of Women’s Work: The Lisa Unger Baskin Collection Symposium on Women across the Disciplines. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Duke University. 16 April 2019.

A Site of Struggle: Making Meaning of Anti-Black Violence in American Art and Visual Culture. Colloquium. Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art. Northwestern University. 25 October 2018.

The Legacy of Lynching: Confronting Racial Terror in America. Equal Justice Initiative. Haverford College. 16 November 2018.

Women and Hate: Lynchings, Hate Groups, & Emmett Till. Center for Biotechnology & Global Health Policy 2017–18 Colloquium Series. University of California, Irvine Law School. 16 November 2017.

Recent Conferences and Lectures (selected)

Commentator. The Violence of “Violence.” Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Annual Conference. Hamilton, New Zealand. June 2019.

Presenter. “White Out Conditions: White Artists Bringing White Supremacy into View.” Audiovisual Appropriation, Cultural Appropriation, Ethics. Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference. March 2019.

Presenter. “The Scene of the Crime: A Black and Red Hauntology of In Cold Blood.” Murderous Feeling: The Form and Content of Retribution and Violence in Black and Indigenous Literature. American Studies Association Annual Meeting. Atlanta, Georgia. November 2018.

Presenter. “Sonic Invasions: The Queer and Black Registers of In Cold Blood.” Association for the Studies of Arts of the Present, 10thAnnual Conference. Tulane University/Pelican Bomb. October 2018.

Commentator. Of Blackness and Indigeneity. Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Annual Conference. Los Angeles. May 2018.

Presenter. “W.E.B. Du Bois and the Aesthetic Impulse.” American Comparative Literature Association National Conference. University of California, Los Angeles. March 2018.

Moderator. Black Women’s Fantasies in the Moving Image. Black Portraitures IV. Harvard University. March 2018.

Presenter. All Monuments Must Fall. College Arts Association. Los Angeles Convention Center. February 2018.

Organizer and chair. Combahee and Her Daughters: Black/Queer/Feminist/Women’s Practices of Survival and Resistance. American Studies Association Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois. November 2017.

Presenter. “From Eye to I: Black Humanity as Statement and Spectacle.” Exposure: Ninth Annual Dark Room Symposium. Mount Holyoke College. May 2017.

Presenter. “Disobedient Cinema: Film as Terrain of Struggle in 12 Years a Slaveand Selma.” Cinema and Black Visual Historiography.Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference. March 2016.

Panelist. Race in the Media. Arresting Patterns Conference. Artspace New Haven & Yale University Art Gallery. September 2015.

Chair. Migrating the Black Body. Sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation. Hanover, Germany. September 2014.

Speaker. “Wandering through Literature.” All Who Wander Are Not Lost. TEDx Connecticut College. Connecticut College. April 2014.